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MIT 2.810 - Manufacturing Processes and Systems

The final project for this course was the design, fabrication, and assembly of RC cars.  Design for manufacturing and design for assembly techniques were used as the cars needed to be mass produced.  All components except for the electronics were manufactured by the team.

Several manufacturing processes were used to accomplish this task.  The processes included: machining (mill, lathe), CNC waterjet cutting, sheet metal processes (bending, shearing, punching), and injection molding.

The cars raced at the end of the semester against other groups in the class and ended up coming in 3rd place overall.

MIT 2.75 - Precision Machine Design

The goal of this class project was to work with a client to rapidly and efficiently develop a proof-of-concept prototype device which addresses a real need.  We worked with Hoya Corp. in Japan to improve endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD).

In this project, we designed, fabricated, and assembled a mock endoscope prototype with an improved tip.  This tip separated one degree of freedom from the endoscope to allow limited displacement of the tip while operating.

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