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My research at UNL focused on the development of a miniature in vivo surgical robot capable of performing Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery, where the device gains access to the surgical site through a single small incision.  This type of minimally invasive surgery promises to provide significant benefits including reduced hospital stays and recovery times. 

This two-armed surgical robot has four degrees-of-freedom on each arm as well as open/close actuation of an interchangeable end effector.  As the lead engineer on this project I was responsible for deriving design requirements, performing kinematic and subsystems design, as well as fabrication and assembly of the robots. 

My latest robot, Tyler Bot 2, recently became the first surgical robot to perform a colectomy while completely contained within the abdominal cavity through a single small incision.

My Master's Thesis covering this research can be downloaded and viewed on the following link:


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