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Teaching Assistant, 2013 - Present (Fall Semester)

MIT Course 2.75 - Medical Device Design

Worked with student teams to develop solutions for clinical problems presented by physicians from local hospitals.  Managed team meetings and design reviews.  Aided in material procurement, prototype development and fabrication, presentation organization, and journal paper preparation.  Assisted students from problem statement to successful prototype in 12 weeks.

Teaching Assistant, 2014 - Present (Spring Semester)

MIT Course 2.753 - Development of Mechanical Products

Aided student teams to evolve a product from a proof of concept to a beta prototype for business development.  Led team meetings and monitored project timelines.  Acted as design and business consultant in development sessions.


Teaching Assistant, 2014 - Present

MIT Course 2.75x - Precision Machine Design MOOC

Developed Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to supplement 2.75 Course utilizing the EDx platform.  Curated and migrated content for lectures, problem sets, and interactive activities.



Semi-Automated Tube Thoracostomy Insertion System 

MIT Course 2.75, 2014


Mallet Finger Splint 

MIT Course 2.75, 2014


Methods For Keg Unloading

University of Dayton Innovation Capstone, 2014


Keg Delivery Sensor Package 

University of Dayton Innovation Capstone, 2014


Omax Tilting Water Jet Head 

MIT Course 2.753, 2014


Improved Delivery System for HCG Therapy

MIT Course 2.75, 2013

Company Website


Surgical Robotics Vision and Haptics Exploration 

Advanced Surgical Technologies Lab, 2010


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